Almost all drugs in USA are from Mexico. Building a wall hateful?

A surprising statistic: Nearly 90% of the heavy drugs in the United States come through the Mexico border (And, interestingly enough, much of Mexico’s drugs come from China).

Last year alone, the US seized more than 2.1 million pounds of drugs. (This is just what was seized–imagine how much flew under the radar).

When I heard this statistic, I didn’t believe it at first. I had to look it up to confirm that it’s veracity. It is unclear why no one in the news ever talks about this. If people understood that most of the drugs in our country come from Mexico, they would see why it is so important to secure our borders. This is not about race or discrimination. This is about keeping Americans safe.

Drug overdose kills nearly 30,000 people every year. And what is worse, this number has been skyrocketing in recent years (see graph below). We now have a drug epidemic in our country. This could have been significantly curtailed years ago if we had built a wall and invested in better security measures. But our current administration prefers not to enforce our laws, to open our borders and let anyone in (perhaps I am mistaken, but I cannot see any rationale behind this other than a political motive to increase the democratic voter pool). This is an example of politics killing American lives; and politicians should be held accountable.number-of-overdose-deaths-from-drugs


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