CNA Hit-Piece Urges Catholics not to Vote Trump

Perhaps I am reading too much into this, but it seems that the Catholic News Organization’s (CNA henceforth) negative reporting against Trump may lead to tacit support for Hillary Clinton. In the past 6 months since this article was written, they have released 8 articles on Trump, all mostly negative (link). Whereas only one negative article was written on on Hillary Clinton (link). I cannot help but think that the net effect may polarize readers against Trump and provide tacit support for Hillary Clinton.

Here is just one example: “Can a Catholic in good conscience vote for Trump?.” This article effectively goes in to every reason why Catholics should not vote for Trump in November. Granted, the article is only reporting on what “Catholic leaders” have done (who evidently signed an appeal calling on Catholic voters to not vote for Trump and instead vote for a “genuinely reformist candidate”). But the fact that CNA reported this as news is a somewhat concerning. Whoever these “Catholic Leaders” are, are they really representing true Catholic values—values which ought to place the dignity of human life (especially the innocent child in the womb) above lesser policy differences? Granted, Trump may be a little rough around the edges, and his language and behavoir can be rather crude at times. But does this make him a racist or sexist as the mainstream media claims. Won’t the platform he is running on undoubtedly work more for Catholic values than Hillary Clinton (whose party overwhelmingly supports the destruction of innocent children in the womb)?

It makes me wonder if this is responsible journalism from the CNA, if indeed we are concerned about the dignity of innocent human life, as all Catholics should. One could object here: “But what about the dignity of the immigrant? They too are innocent human life.” Granted. Immigrants should be treated with respect and fairness. But at the same time, we are not killing immigrants by the millions every year, are we? There is only one demographic of people in this world that is being targeted for mass genocide, year in and year out, for decades. Why does CNA not report on this? Granted, one cannot report on a politician without being political, especially when he is running for president of the United States. My impression, however, in that CNA is beginning to take the wrong side in this debate. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Here is a list of CNA articles on Hillary.

And here is a list of CNA articles on Trump.

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