Head of Knights of Columbus: Catholics cannot vote for Pro-Abortion Candidates

In a Catholic landscape where clarity is often obscured, it is good to see a prominent voice crying out in the wilderness, reminding Catholics of the most important issue when voting. A Catholic cannot in good conscience vote for a pro-abortion candidate, because, as Anderson reminds us, abortion is disproportionately the greatest human injustice of our time. Nothing else even comes close. If we cannot protect the most innocent and defenseless citizens of our country from genocide, then no other social issue we face can be solved with any degree of wisdom and right judgement.

Let us now consider the choice: On the one hand, we get, at the very least, the promise of a pro-life presidency with Donald Trump. On the other hand, we get the certainty of an all-in radical pro-abortion agenda with Hillary Clinton. Is there any comparison between the two? Let us briefly compare the two platforms;

Donald Trump:
-promised to appoint pro-life Scallia-esque justices to the supreme court (this, in itself, is monumental; for the supreme court has now become the ultimate artbiter in America).
-consulted with the pro-life Susan B. Anthony Group (who also supports Donald Trump) on pro-life issues
-has emphatically voiced support for religious liberty
-has met with prominent Christian leaders throughout our country (something which no other candidate has ever done).
-pushing to overturn the Johnson Amendment (the gag law that threatens clergy and non-profit organization from losing tax exempt status for political language—also a first for a candidate)
-chose a running mate, Mike Pence, who has a strong record protecting Christians, freedom of conscience, and pro-family pro-marriage values
-surrounds himself with stellar people (such as Ben Carson and Kellyanne Conway), whom he will appoint to his cabinet (remember, this is not just about the presidency, but an entire organization of influential positions).
-as a businessman, has a record of keeping his promises…not just talking the talk
-Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, has publicly criticized Donald Trump and endorsed Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton:
-promises to appoint liberal pro-choice judges to the supreme court (This in itself would have devastating consequences on law for decades.  The supreme court as we know it today has changed radically. It no longer interprets law, but makes law. She could potentially appoint up to 4 in her term.).
-promises to send more government funds to Planned Parenthood
-party platform has become even more radical on abortion, removing the word “rare” from “safe and legal.”
-pushing to use tax payers money to fund Planned Parenthood
-wants more widespread dispersion of contraceptives throughout the country
-will appoint a cabinet with the same liberal agenda. What is at stake? Everything: Surgeon General, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Education, Secretary of Homeland Security, and so on.
-defended a rapist of a 12 year old and got his sentence reduced to 2 months in prison (not only is she anti-life, but also anti-woman).
-has a long record of lies, deceit, and cover-up, so there is no telling just how radical her agenda really is

Some may object that Donald Trump is just saying what will appease voters. But his history has proven otherwise. Granted, he has evolved on the issue of abortion. But this is a good thing. Growth and change can be a sign of wisdom. Flip-flopping is not. Donald Trump did not flip-flop, however. He did not change one day, then change back the next.

But you do not trust his word? He actually has a history of keeping his word. Remember, businessmen need to keep their word. Otherwise, no one would want to do business with them. He is not a politician. People seem to be mistaking his rough edges with integrity and character. And I fear this misjudgment of character will cost the election, and appoint a calloused pro-abortion candidate instead. Remember, a non-vote for Trump is a vote to Hillary. If Clinton gets elected, much of the blame will fall squarely on Catholics and Catholic leaders in our country. The Catholic Church is a sleeping giant. But our Catholic leaders have lulled Catholics to sleep with lack of clarity on the issues, and thus discouraged Catholics from voting for a candidate who at least has the promise of a pro-life Presidency.



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