Every black congressman throughout history Republican until 1935

(pictured: The first 7 black congessmen. All Republican.)

Another interesting bit of history: The first black congressmen were all Republicans. And what’s more, all of the black congressmen throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century were Republicans. Democrats didn’t even elect an African American to congress until 1935. And the icing on the cake? Every slave owner throughout most of US history was a registered democrat.

I am at a loss of words.

The first Black Congressmen
John Willis Menard (1838-1893); Republican – Louisiana; Term: 1868
Joseph Rainey (1832-1887); Republican – South Carolina; Term:1870-1879
Jefferson F. Long (1836-1901); Republican – Georgia; Term: 1870-1871
Robert C. De Large (1842-1874); Republican – South Carolina; Term: 1871-1873
Robert B. Elliott (1842-1884); Republican – South Carolina; Term: 1871-1874
Benjamin S. Turner (1825-1894); Republican – Alabama; Term: 1871-1873
Josiah T. Walls (1842-1905); Republican – Florida; Terms: 1871-1873, 1873-1875, 1875-1876
Richard H. Cain (1825-1887); Republican – South Carolina; Terms: 1873-1875, 1877-1879
John R. Lynch (1847-1939); Republican – Mississippi; Terms: 1873-1877, 1882-1883
James T. Rapier (1837-1883); Republican – Alabama; Term: 1873-1875
Alonzo J. Ransier (1834-1882); Republican – South Carolina; Term: 1873-1875
Jeremiah Haralson (1846-1916); Republican – Alabama; Term: 1875-1877
John Adams Hyman (1840-1891); Republican – North Carolina; Term: 1875-1877
Charles E. Nash (1844-1913); Republican – Louisiana; Term: 1875-1877
Robert Smalls (1839-1915); Republican – South Carolina; Terms: 1875-1879, 1882-1883, 1884-1887
James E. O’Hara (1844-1905); Republican – North Carolina; Term: 1883-1887
Henry P. Cheatham (1857-1935); Republican – North Carolina; Term: 1889-1893
John Mercer Langston (1829-1897); Republican – Virginia; Term: 1890-1891
Thomas E. Miller (1849-1938); Republican – South Carolina; Term: 1890-1891
(He was adopted by slaves)
George W. Murray (1853-1926); Republican – South Carolina; Terms: 1893-1895, 1896-1897
George Henry White (1852-1918); Republican – North Carolina; Term: 1897-1901

And what about Democrats?
Arthur Wergs Mitchell Democrat Representative – Illinois Term: 1935–1943

After 1935, democrats claim that a “big switch” occurred, becoming the pro-woman and pro-black party. But is this really true? Does history to agree? Why, then, does the democratic party still support organizations with racist roots, whose very mission is to “exterminate the negro population” (words of Margret Sanger—founder of Planned Parenthood—who purposely targeted blacks for abortions).

The democratic party prides itself as the part of love. They claim to be on the side of African Americans, get their votes, but have their solutions been? Free handouts with no incenstives. Make them dependent on the system, with no real path up and out. Today more blacks are on welfare than ever before. And more blacks live in poverty than ever before. And, coincidentally, more blacks vote democrat than ever before.

Margret Sanger: “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” (and to this day, abortion facilities are concentrated in poor black communities. And most of these communities are located in inner cities, which have been run solely by democrats for many decades).


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