Kellyanne Conway, pro-life advocate, promoted to head of Trump's campaign.

Trump promotes pro-life advocate Kellyanne Conway to Campaign Manager

***UPDATE, 10/14/2016: This article was written prior to the recent tapes of Mr. Trump speaking crude and objectifying words against women. As a result of these revelations, I have decided I will not be as vocal in my defense of Donald Trump as I was previously. Such words can never be condoned, no matter how liberal and one-sided the media reporting has become. Nonetheless, I feel it also necessary to clarify that I will still be voting for Mr. Trump come November. A Trump presidency is clearly preferable to a Clinton presidency, whose platform stands is direct conflict with the Catholic Church. Not only is Mrs. Clinton and her cabinet anti-Catholic on principle, they are anti-Catholic in their hearts (confirmed by the recent email leaks), which proposes an even greater threat to the Church in America.***  

A senior advisor and pro-life advocate to the Trump campaign, Kellyanne Conway, was just promoted today by Trump to campaign manager. This marks yet another move by Trump toward a stronger pro-life position, showing voters that he can back up his words with action by surrounding himself with good people–people who can be a positive force in his cabinet (including Ben Carson), and potentially shape the nation over the next few years.

This is a good sign for Catholics, and should make news at EWTN, CNA, etc.. I am hoping that Catholic news organizations will report this, if they truly value the unborn above all other issues.



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