Is the God of the Old Testament really hateful and spiteful?

In my conversations with non-Christians and agnostics over the years, the Old Testament has always been one of the greatest points of friction. They would read about constant wars and killing; about how God commanded Israel, the so-called chosen people, to destroy other nations. And they would conclude that religion was about war, saying to the effect; […]

The Original Feminism: How The Catholic Church is the most Pro-Woman Organization in the World

Let’s face it. Our Catholic leaders have done a horrible job at defending the Church in the modern world. While the same accusations continue to be made—that the Church is “outdated,” “patriarchal,” “anti-woman,” “homophobic,” “run by men” “sexist,” and so on—the response by our Catholic leaders has largely been silence (Or, if a response is given, […]

Two Simple Reasons why Female Deacons are not Possible

On May 12th, 2016, pope Francis received a group of women religious who, during their meeting, posed to him this question; “What prevents the Church from including women among permanent deacons, as was the case in the primitive Church? Why not constitute an official commission to study the matter?” The pope, gracious as he is, responded in […]