Why a Catholic CAN in good conscience vote for Trump (Part 1)

If anyone remembers the March 16th Article by CNA entitled “Can a Catholic in good conscience vote for Trump?” the answer from that hit-piece was a resounding no, at least from the “Catholic leaders” who signed the anti-Trump petition. Upon reading their arguments, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the mainstream media, which has often […]

Every black congressman throughout history Republican until 1935

(pictured: The first 7 black congessmen. All Republican.) Another interesting bit of history: The first black congressmen were all Republicans. And what’s more, all of the black congressmen throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century were Republicans. Democrats didn’t even elect an African American to congress until 1935. And the icing on the cake? […]

“The Devil’s Advocate” Movie & Hillary Clinton

If anyone remembers the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”, the basic plot is about a defense lawyer (Keanu Reeves) assigned to defend a rapist of a young woman. In the movie, Keanu is faced with a moral dilema: Do I defend the rapist in this case, knowing full well that he is guilty of the crime, […]

The [racist] historical roots of the Democratic party?

I was quite surprised when I first heard about this. The Republican party has historically been the black man’s party, the civil rights party, the party of Lincoln the emancipator, the the pro-woman party, etc. while the Democratic party fought for the very opposite up until the mid-20th century. This, to my surprise, is not […]

National Catholic Register takes jab at Mike Pence’s faith

The National Catholic Register released an article today entitled Mike Pence’s Spiritual Wanderings Should Be a Wake-Up Call to Catholics. In it, the author Sherry Weddell, voiced some opinions about the faith background of Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence. Theses “wanderings,” which Ms. Weddell writes, refers to his once Catholic roots (growing up in a devoted Irish […]