“The Devil’s Advocate” Movie & Hillary Clinton

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If anyone remembers the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”, the basic plot is about a defense lawyer (Keanu Reeves) assigned to defend a rapist of a young woman. In the movie, Keanu is faced with a moral dilema: Do I defend the rapist in this case, knowing full well that he is guilty of the crime, or do I refuse to represent my client?

As you may have heard, a similar event happened in real life with Hillary Clinton. As a young lawyer, she was once also asked to defend a rapist in court. And like Keanu, she took the case (though she claims reluctantly), despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt, including blood and semen stains.

In this sense, there is a disturbing parallel between the movie and real life. Except for one thing. There is one key difference between what Hillary did, and what Keanu ultimately does. In the end of the movie, Keanu makes the right decision and announces that he can no longer represent his client, despite the threat of being disbarred. Hillary Clinton on the other hand, defended the rapist and ultimately got his sentence reduced to just two months in prison.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Mrs. Clinton not only defended the rapist, but went vigorously all-in. Instead of dragging her feet through the case (which she could have at least done), she stridently defended the rapist, arguing in court that the girl was from a dysfunctional family and seeking attention. A 12 year-old girl. She blamed a 12 year-old girl, the victim, for the rape; a girl who was left forever barren and mentally wounded from the tragedy (and has spoken out in recent months saying just that).

While I don’t recommend watching this movie due it’s disturbing and graphic content, the fact remains that real life is sometimes more abhorable than fiction: A rapist of a 12 year-old girl is set free, and the lawyer who defended him is now running for president of our country.


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