This One Statistic Will Win the Immigration Debate Over the Wall

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The current debate on immigration typically circles around the issue of the economy and racism, and tends to proceed in the following manner;

Republicans: Illegal Immigration is bad for the economy
Democrats: No it’s not. Illegal immigrants take low-level jobs.
Republicans: Yes it is. Those jobs are taken from Americans.
Democrats: Your arguments are hateful and isolationist.
Republicans: No it’s not. It’s about putting America first and securing our borders.
Democrats: Our platform is about love, not hate. We welcome immigrants.
Republicans: We welcome immigrants too, just not illegal immigrants.
Democrats: No you don’t. The immigration system is hard enough as it is. And you want to make it harder.
Republicans: It’s hard for a reason. And it’s no harder than other countries.
Democrats: Yes, because you’re all racist.
Republicans: We’re not racist.
Democrats: Yes you are. Trump said Mexicans are all criminals and rapists.
Republicans: Trump didn’t say ALL Mexicans, just some. He said many are good and hard workers.
Democrats: And walls don’t even work.
Republicans: Walls do work. Other counties use them.
And so on….

All the while, the single greatest threat to American lives is never mentioned. This one threat kills over 15,000 people every year and destroys the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. And this threat comes straight through the Mexico border, all of it (at least 90% of it anyway). If you guessed drugs, you guessed right. That’s right, over 90% of the heavy drugs in the United States comes straight through the Mexico border. 90%. And Washington Post estimates that only 1.5% of that is being caught at the border. The rest goes through unhindered.

This is insanity.

Virtually ALL of the heavy drugs in America enters through the Mexico border. And we are only catching 1.5% of it?

Why are we even debating a wall again?

And it is getting worse by the year (see graph below) We now have a heroin epidemic in our country, literally an invasion. Overdose deaths have increased almost exponentially in recent years (And this doesn’t even account for massive wake of destruction drugs leave in their path; the thefts, the murders, the burglaries, the break-up of families, etc.). And we still have no wall, and hardly a skeleton crew for border security.

By allowing our borders to remain open, politicians directly aid the death and destruction of scores of lives. Either Washington is totally inept or totally corrupt. I don’t know quite how to describe it. I want to say it’s anti-American, but it is more than that. It’s grave negligence, to the point of being murderous.

We as Catholics know our moral theology. When you give someone a gun knowing they intend to commit suicide, you also incur culpability for that persons death. It is almost as bad as if you shot the person directly. The same is happening with politicians over this immigration debate. Nothing gets done. Endless debate. Our borders remain open. And all the while Americans are dying in droves. If politicians really cared for American lives, then this statistic ought to be front and center in this debate, should it not?number-of-overdose-deaths-from-drugs


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