Homeschoolers for Trump

Donald Trump has been heading in a very positive direction lately. Not only does he surround himself with magnanimous people with very high integrity, such as Ben Carson and pro-life advocate Kellyanne Conway (who he recently appointed to head his campaign), but he has also been working closely with them to lay the ground-work for […]

The Original Feminism: How The Catholic Church is the most Pro-Woman Organization in the World

Let’s face it. Our Catholic leaders have done a horrible job at defending the Church in the modern world. While the same accusations continue to be made—that the Church is “outdated,” “patriarchal,” “anti-woman,” “homophobic,” “run by men” “sexist,” and so on—the response by our Catholic leaders has largely been silence (Or, if a response is given, […]

Two Simple Reasons why Female Deacons are not Possible

On May 12th, 2016, pope Francis received a group of women religious who, during their meeting, posed to him this question; “What prevents the Church from including women among permanent deacons, as was the case in the primitive Church? Why not constitute an official commission to study the matter?” The pope, gracious as he is, responded in […]

This One Statistic Will Win the Immigration Debate Over the Wall

The current debate on immigration typically circles around the issue of the economy and racism, and tends to proceed in the following manner; Republicans: Illegal Immigration is bad for the economy Democrats: No it’s not. Illegal immigrants take low-level jobs. Republicans: Yes it is. Those jobs are taken from Americans. Democrats: Your arguments are hateful and […]

If Clinton gets elected, are Catholics to blame?

The Catholic Church in America is a sleeping giant. Catholics comprise nearly 25% of the total population—over 81 million people—of the United States, more than any other religious body today. This makes Catholics one of the most influential body of voters in our country. They, more than anyone else, have the power to shape the […]

“Catholics Are Not Single-Issue Voters.” Really? Is that Catholic?

As we near the upcoming elections, it is not uncommon to hear Catholic leaders say something to the effect; “While abortion is the most important issue for Catholics, there are still other issues to take into consideration.”  Thus, they conclude that “Catholic should not be single-issue voters.” I have my concerns about whether this advice is truly […]